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All the news that fits in print!

The good news is that there seems to have been enough Rift activity that Torchwood has noticed an increase. I took some readings, and there will definitely be enough energy to undo the undoing of the paradox. From there, things should be simple. The better new is that the time might be right to recruit oh_doask . There was certainly no small amount of resentment in his last post- and there might have even been a note of desperation. The best news is that I think the Doctor 9.0 might be mindwiped soon. The not-as-good news is that the Doctor's daughter has left Earth as well. Hopefully, she'll be back shortly, but I admit that her presence is more of a bonus rather than a requirement. She isn't even a full Time Lord as of yet! Her regenerations are all wrong, she never learned how to properly use her senses. I could teach her. I could make her mine.  Imagine the look on the Doctor's face when he realizes that I've not only retaken the Earth, but his offspring as well?

I think I might wait a bit before going to askmydad , however. One henchman at a time...




It's so easy when you're evil

I've made contact with Torchwood! I rickrolled Jones, and nearly slipped up with Jack: it's a good thing his ego is bigger than mine. I was also given a very good idea. I was already going to try and recruit oh_doask , seeing as he seems to suspect that I'm more than I appear (and he would probably enjoy the benefits. But Grey... as long as I'm going in the Hub anyway, it can't hurt to have the extra leverage.

Hm... I wonder how strong this perception filter really is? I mean, obviously the fact that everyone expects me to be dead is helping it along, but really? Handsome Jack doesn't recognize me? Perhaps I should give Martha a go. Or maybe even the Doctor.

There's an idea...

Hee! =D

Sometimes I feel like dancing...

There was a HUGE, GIGANTIC surge in Rift activity last night. Or, at least, there should have been. I cannot tell you how many timelines were crossed, and there should be a huge surge in activity. But there isn't, because my suppressors- let's just call them "surge protectors"- are working very well indeed.

The good news is, that this means less waiting time. The bad news is that if the Doctor- what is it the Time Agency is referring to him as these days, Doctor 9.0?- isn't safely away from Cardiff (read: mindwiped) than when the surge protectors release, that will make getting into the Hub and taking over the world much more difficult.

Not impossible, though. Just a bit unlikely. But then again, I am the Master...

Unexpected Benefit!

Taking over the world!Collapse )

But let's not kid ourselves. The truly important thing is Teletubbies!

Swine Flu

I find it absolutely hilarious that you people are all panicked over something, for most of you, won't be fatal even if you do catch it. You're going to be so ill-prepared for the super-viruses of the mid-twenty-first century. It makes me laugh.

Nothing to do with me, in case you were wondering, although there is something amusing about a pig disease killing humans. But slave labor is a lot more efficient when the slaves are healthy, as opposed to flu-ridden and seeing as there is still about two months or so to go before my plan can be implemented.

Since I'm going to surprise the Doctor with what will appear to him to be sudden worldwide domination, this is something which going to be contingent on the Doctor not being nearly twenty-first century Earth for at least three months. Since the version I'm targeting seems to eschewing companions at the moment, I only need to wait until the past version gets his mindwipe. I can't see it being very long. He knows how delicate these tings can be.

I the meantime, I find myself utterly inspired by the current American President. We appear to have much in common; a taste for pop music, a country under our hypnotic spell. I may not kill him. Well, not unless that's contingent upon gaining Michelle's affections.

That's a relief

Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Doctor on the planet? No! He's galaxies away and centuries in the future! Granted, there's a danger of him popping back  to drop off his blond, but in the meantime, I have some wiggle room. The red herring seems to have worked as well, which is helpful, although I suppose he didn't really have the chance to examine it closely. And those bugs are still going strong. I've got access to most of Cardiff now, including the Hub. I now have plenty of footage of handsome Jack and his office boy going at it.

In other news, I believe the word for you people is sick. I may have jobs for you later. Also, it really is a shame that Linkin Park doesn't have a beat you can properly dance to. I rather enjoyed this video.