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Friends Locked

All of my posts about my day-to-day activities are flocked. If, for whatever reason, you wish to become privy to them, comment with the below questions answered and I'll decide whether or not to add you.

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As You Already Know...

I am askfor_bananas.

I'll be over at the Q&A session, but I'll be answer comment here as well.

Let me draw you a map.

Honestly, you people are useless.


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I do so love it when a plan comes together with such style.

The end is the beginning is the end...

Things have come together better than I imagined. Martha is injured, and therefore won't be repeating her "Walk around the world telling a story" things. Gwen will be out of Cardiff, which is less of a plus, but still good. But best of all, the Doctor 9.0 is leaving for good. He's asking everyone to make they're final goodbyes. I'm going to time mine so that the last thing he doesn't remember is that I've beaten him.

Today is a very good day indeed.

I'll be in my cot...

Even if they know nothing else, Torchwood does know how to throw a party.

I had a wonderful time making Doctor 9.0 nervous, lording it over Doctor 10.5, kidnapped a very high Captain John Hart and gave him a piercing or two, then, just for the lulz, I let opened the rattling morgue drawer. I also planted a device on the drawer holding Gray that will cause the system to malfunction whenever I say so. How's that for a night's work?


The Doctor discovered the energy field surrounding my surge protectors. This could be a problem, albeit a very small one, as he hasn't yet found the surge protectors themselves. Also, as he pointed out, many of the things he does seem to be intent upon doing are helping me reach my goal. At this rate, I'll be ready shortly.

I doubt any attempt to recruit Captain Hart will get much of anywhere. As hung up as he is on Jack, Martha seems to have taken the desperate edge off. Jenny is still a possibility, though.

I'm also debating whether or not to reveal myself to Doctor 9.0: on the one hand, he's slightly more unstable in this incarnation than in his next one, and I think my definitive appearance might push him over the edge completely. On the other, he does still have an awful time to have on the Valiant with me. I may have to wait. Besides, those eighteen months of living as a human the first time I did this did make my reveal all the more sweeter.


I made macros!


I've been thinking.

I should do something. Something involving the internet. I should make macros. After all, I wrote my biography and my novel when I ran for Prime Minister. I'm in a similar place, now, what with my soundtrack coming along, my regular interactions with Torchwood going unnoticed, my plan for world domination moving forwards at a steady rate. I need a hobby. One that doesn't involve watching Heath Ledger do a good impression of me.